Anger Management
Anger Management Classes & Counseling

What Is Anger Management?

Anger management is the process of learning to recognize the signs that you are becoming angry and to take positive action to deal with the emotions brought on by a situation. Anger management therapy and anger management groups focus on providing methods and tools for managing that anger and expressing it in an effective manner.

Anger is a natural part of life and a very important and healthy emotion when expressed appropriately. Anger is not only an emotion, but also a physical reaction: our blood pressure and heart rate rise along with the level of adrenaline in our body. Unfortunately, when expressed inappropriately, anger can impair our judgment and thinking, causing us to act irrationally or violently towards others.

Signs and Symptoms of Anger Problems

There are many reasons a person may become angry and benefit from treatment or anger management groups. Common reasons people seek anger management treatment are:

  • Trouble with the law or being ordered by the court to attend anger management therapy
  • Difficulty expressing emotions to loved ones without getting in a fight
  • Violent outbursts that physically harm objects, people or things around them
  • Losing temper regularly
  • Threatening violence against themselves or others, even if they do not follow through
  • Feeling that their anger is out of control

Treatment for Anger Problems

Anger management treatment is an effective way to improve quality of life after treatment. At the Mental Health Center, we recognize that each individual is different and that their circumstances are unique. We offer anger management treatment and aftercare anger management groups that focus on three areas:

  1. Helping an individual identify their triggers
  2. Teaching the necessary skills to handle and respond to trigger situations in a healthy manner
  3. Educating clients on how to redirect emotions and energies to problem solving rather than rage in trigger situations

Recognizing your anger is the first step in anger management therapy. We empower our clients with the skills and strategies for managing their anger in everyday life. Our aftercare anger management groups are a great way for people to continue to develop new techniques even after treatment.

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