Spirit Animals and Birthdays: Find Out Which One Is Yours

Spirit Animals and Birthdays: Find Out Which One Is Yours

According to ancient traditions, the spirit animal that aligns with your birth date is thought to mirror your personality and guide you throughout your life.

This animal is said to possess qualities that you share and can offer wisdom and insight as you go through life.

If you’re curious, you can find your spirit animal by checking which one corresponds with your birthday.

You might be intrigued by the similarities you share and the guidance it provides.

Although it’s believed that we can connect with different spirit animals at various points in our life, the one linked to our birth date holds a special, constant place as our primary guide.

Other spirit animals may offer help for temporary periods, but your birth date animal is a steadfast companion, embodying your core traits and offering unwavering support.

So, even though secondary spirit animals might change daily, your birth date spirit animal is seen as your main source of guidance and a constant presence in your life.

Spirit Animal Guide Based on Your Birth Date


Dates Spirit Animal
January 1-2 Walrus
January 3-4 Hawk
January 5-6 Skunk
January 7-8 Goose
January 9-10 Orca
January 11-12 Turkey
January 13-14 Groundhog
January 15-16 Frog
January 17-18 Goat
January 19-20 Owl
January 21-22 Elephant
January 23-24 Salamander
January 25-26 Deer
January 27-28 Firefly
January 29-30 Orangutan
January 31 Yak


Dates Spirit Animal
February 1-2 Hedgehog
February 3-4 Elk
February 5-6 Monkey
February 7-8 Otter
February 9-10 Cobra
February 11-12 Jellyfish
February 13-14 Albatross
February 15-16 Ferret
February 17-18 Llama
February 19-20 Koi
February 21-22 Bee
February 23-24 Mouse
February 25-26 Pig
February 27-28 Butterfly
February 29 Dragon


Dates Spirit Animal
March 1-2 Giraffe
March 3-4 Possum
March 5-6 Penguin
March 7-8 Donkey
March 9-10 Badger
March 11-12 Dolphin
March 13-14 Ant
March 15-16 Sheep
March 17-18 Falcon
March 19-20 Wolf
March 21-22 Bat
March 23-24 Lemur
March 25-26 Scorpion
March 27-28 Moose
March 29-30 Salmon
March 31 Blue Heron


Dates Spirit Animal
April 1-2 Dog
April 3-4 Chicken
April 5-6 Lizard
April 7-8 Alpaca
April 9-10 Puma / Cougar
April 11-12 Dove
April 13-14 Unknown Beetle
April 15-16 Eagle
April 17-18 Mantis
April 19-20 Vulture
April 21-22 Cheetah
April 23-24 Bobcat
April 25-26 Parrot
April 27-28 Peacock
April 29-30 Mayfly


Dates Spirit Animal
May 1-2 Rabbit
May 3-4 Lynx
May 5-6 Trout
May 7-8 Fox
May 9-10 Rattlesnake
May 11-12 Lion
May 13-14 Antelope
May 15-16 Bull
May 17-18 Raccoon
May 19-20 Rat
May 21-22 Jaguar
May 23-24 Anaconda
May 25-26 Swallow
May 27-28 Grizzly
May 29-30 Coyote
May 31 Cricket


Dates Spirit Animal
June 1-2 Rooster
June 3-4 Woodpecker
June 5-6 Dragonfly
June 7-8 Ladybug
June 9-10 Flamingo
June 11-12 Cow
June 13-14 Wasp
June 15-16 Canary
June 17-18 Octopus
June 19-20 Seal
June 21-22 Jackal
June 23-24 Blue Jay
June 25-26 Hummingbird
June 27-28 Serval
June 29-30 Cat


Dates Spirit Animal
July 1-2 Seagull
July 3-4 Crow
July 5-6 Caterpillar
July 7-8 Fly
July 9-10 Crab
July 11-12 Magpie
July 13-14 Sparrow
July 15-16 Mosquito
July 17-18 Grasshopper
July 19-20 Hyena
July 21-22 Gazelle
July 23-24 Osprey
July 25-26 Sloth
July 27-28 Wombat
July 29-30 Leopard
July 31 Koala


Dates Spirit Animal
August 1-2 Camel
August 3-4 Snake
August 5-6 Cardinal
August 7-8 Armadillo
August 9-10 Roadrunner
August 11-12 Buffalo
August 13-14 Alligator
August 15-16 Gorilla
August 17-18 Whale
August 19-20 Moth
August 21-22 Pelican
August 23-24 Spider
August 25-26 Turtle
August 27-28 Seahorse
August 29-30 Chameleon
August 31 Tortoise


Dates Spirit Animal
September 1-2 Tiger
September 3-4 Duck
September 5-6 Kangaroo
September 7-8 Condor
September 9-10 Robin
September 11-12 Kookaburra
September 13-14 Beaver
September 15-16 Bumblebee
September 17-18 Panther
September 19-20 Crane
September 21-22 Gopher
September 23-24 Wolverine
September 25-26 Dodo
September 27-28 Toucan
September 29-30 Emu


Dates Spirit Animal
October 1-2 Porcupine
October 3-4 Arctic Fox
October 5-6 Squirrel
October 7-8 Pigeon
October 9-10 Komodo Dragon
October 11-12 Swan
October 13-14 Mole
October 15-16 Mockingbird
October 17-18 Cuckoo
October 19-20 Earthworm
October 21-22 Squid
October 23-24 Tick
October 25-26 Tuna
October 27-28 Cormorant
October 29-30 Iguana
October 31 Manta Ray


Dates Spirit Animal
November 1-2 Python
November 3-4 Chimpanzee
November 5-6 Capybara
November 7-8 Ostrich
November 9-10 Anteater
November 11-12 Meerkat
November 13-14 Cockroach
November 15-16 Barracuda
November 17-18 Hamster
November 19-20 Crocodile
November 21-22 Baboon
November 23-24 Horse
November 25-26 Kestrel
November 27-28 Starfish
November 29-30 Rhinoceros


Dates Spirit Animal
December 1-2 Worm
December 3-4 Bear
December 5-6 Gnu (Wildebeest)
December 7-8 Eel
December 9-10 Hippopotamus
December 11-12 Partridge
December 13-14 Marmot
December 15-16 Zebra
December 17-18 Hare
December 19-20 Snail
December 21-22 Weasel
December 23-24 Raven
December 25-26 Panda
December 27-28 Aardvark
December 29-30 Caribou
December 31 Polar Bear

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the spirit animal of each zodiac sign?

  • Aries: Ram
  • Taurus: Bull
  • Gemini: Deer
  • Cancer: Crab
  • Leo: Lion
  • Virgo: Bear
  • Libra: Raven
  • Scorpio: Phoenix
  • Sagittarius: Cat
  • Capricorn: Goat
  • Aquarius: Otter
  • Pisces: Wolf

What is the rarest spirit animal?

The rare spirit animal is subjective and can vary based on cultural beliefs. However, mythical creatures like dragons or phoenixes are often considered rare as spirit animals due to their unique and powerful symbolism.

Can a person be your spirit animal?

Traditionally, a spirit animal is a guide in the form of an animal, not a human. However, some people use the term “spirit animal” loosely to describe someone they admire or who inspires them, even though this is not the traditional meaning.

What animal represents sadness?

The dove is often associated with sadness or mourning, partly because of its gentle appearance and the way its cooing sound can evoke a sense of longing or melancholy.

How many spirit animals can a person have?

A person can have multiple spirit animals throughout their life. Different spirit animals can appear at various stages or moments to provide guidance, depending on the challenges or experiences one is facing.

Who is the lonely one?

The wolf is often associated with loneliness, not because wolves are solitary by nature, but because of their depiction as lone wolves when separated from their pack, symbolizing solitude and independence.

What animal symbolizes pain?

While no single animal universally symbolizes pain, the scorpion is frequently associated with pain due to its sting. It can represent both physical pain and the pain of betrayal or danger.

What animal represents anger?

The bull is commonly associated with anger, particularly because of its aggressive response when provoked. The bull symbolizes raw power and the fiery, uncontrollable nature of anger.

Do some animals emotionally cry?

Elephants are known to show emotions that are remarkably similar to human grief and even cry tears in situations of distress, loss, or pain. They’re incredibly social and empathetic creatures, capable of forming deep bonds with their family and friends, and mourning their losses in ways that strike a chord with human observers.

What animal symbolizes calm?

The deer symbolizes calmness. With its gentle eyes and graceful movements, the deer moves through the forest with a serene presence that commands peace.

Who represents chaos?

The hyena, often misunderstood, represents chaos in many cultures. Its laughter-like calls and scavenging behavior give it an aura of unpredictability and disorder.

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