Stigma App: Help to Improve Your Mental Health

Technology has come a long way. Today, technology has become a necessity – we use it to communicate, to keep up with our calories, to find inspiration, to get reminders, and basically to make life more livable. Now, there is an app that can also help us improve and manage our mental health, Stigma App.

How Does Stigma Work?

Inspired by the founder’s own personal struggle with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder, Stigma helps you build a support network, journal your feelings, and track your moods. The premise is that Stigma is a safe place for those who are dealing with mental health issues without facing stigma.

The Stigma app offers:

  • A mental health support network – facilitating access to support groups and chats.
  • A mood journal – that tracks your daily moods and thoughts showing which days affect you the most.
  • Reminders – set reminders that help you maintain healthy journaling habits.
  • Word Cloud – words can be very powerful, the world cloud is meant to help improve your self-reflection and eliminate your stigma.

Why Does Stigma Work?

The main asset the Stigma App gives those dealing with mental health issues is its mood journal. Mental illnesses can be extremely overwhelming, emotionally and physically. Journaling provides an outlet to express feelings, analyze mood swings and has been proven to be an efficient mental health management tool.

In essence, Stigma works because it provides you with an accessible 24/7 access to support groups, whether online or in-person. This way, you can seek support and comfort when you need it the most. It gives you an easy-to-access and easy-to-use journal where you can vent out your emotions and analyze what triggers these emotions and how you can manage your mental health better.

By journaling every day, here is where the reminders come in handy. You can manage anxiety, lower your stress levels, and cope with your depression. Also, journaling has been proven successful at helping you prioritize problems, track triggers or symptoms, identify negative behaviors, and give you an opportunity to self-reflect on your life.

Keep in mind, Stigma is just a tool. Meditation, therapy, exercise, and a healthy diet are also essential components of managing your mental health condition. Don’t be afraid to seek help when you feel you need it – taking care of your mental health should always be your number one priority.

What Do People Say About Stigma?

Stigma is labeled as the #1 mental health app in iOS, and with over 2,782 reviews, we can see why. Today, thousands of users turn to Stigma to manage their mental health and continue working on their well-being. This is what some of them are saying:

“… I love how Stigma gives you the opportunity to anonymously talk with other people who share the same illnesses as you. It makes the experience so much richer, and it has really helped me open up more. Before, I never used to talk about what was happening with me to anyone except my therapist…”

“I loved using Stigma from day one. It makes journaling (something I’ve always tried to do) so easy and hassle-free…”

“… The colors and word clouds have helped me identify what I’m thinking about the most, so I know what might be causing different moods.”

“From someone who has struggled with mental illness for a couple years now, Stigma is probably one of the best apps that has been created to give a new perspective to help with anxiety and other disorders using technology. I love how I can write journals and see patterns on what I worry about and my highs and lows…”

“… Daily mood tracking and journaling has helped me become more mindful of my internal state. I love looking back at my mood calendar and analytics to see patterns in my mood and what impacts it…”