10 Best Gut Health Supplements in 2024 – Expert Picks

10 Best Gut Health Supplements in 2024 – Expert Picks

Best Supplements for Gut Health

Gut health is a critical aspect of our overall wellness, with a growing body of evidence linking a healthy microbiome to numerous aspects of physical and mental health.

Gut health supplements have become increasingly popular as individuals seek to support their digestive systems and enhance their body’s ability to absorb nutrients, fight off pathogens, and even regulate mood.

In 2024, global gut health supplements market reached $12.3 billion, which is an indicator of their popularity. They come in various forms, including  probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, and fibers,  each designed to perform specific functions within the gut.

With a market flooded with options, choosing the right gut health supplement requires careful consideration of several factors. To make the decision easier for you, I would like to provide you with a list of the best gut health supplments you can find on the market in 2024. I’ve tested a high number of them myself.

Buckle up, and let us begin.

My Top Picks:

  1. Best Overall: Zahler Multi Digestion (Read more)
  2. Best for Active Lifestyle: Digestive Enzymes by California Gold (Read more)
  3. Best for Immune System: TERRA ORIGIN Healthy Gut (Read more)
  4. Best for Abdominal Discomfort: BioGaia Gastrus Tablets (Read more)
  5. Best for Storing: Align Daily Immune Support (Read more)
  6. Best for Balanced Gut Microbe: Country Life Gut Connection (Read more)
  7. Best for Strain Variety: Ora Organic Probiotics (Read more)
  8. Best for Vegetarians: Revive MD Gut Health+ (Read more)
  9. Best for Sleep: TERRA ORIGIN Healthy Gut Reset PM (Read more)
  10. Best for Bloating: Flourish Probiotics + Prebiotics (Read more)

1. Zahler Multi Digestion

Zahler Multi Digestion

Customer Satisfaction: 91%

Zahler Multi Digestion is a combination of multivitamins and digestive aids that feels comprehensive. My digestive system seemed more at ease, likely thanks to the included Digest Complex and Probiotics. There’s always a bit of skepticism when trying a new supplement, but my experience aligns with its promise to enhance nutrient absorption.

In fact, Zahler Multi Digestion is my top pick today. A factor that stood out to me was the inclusion of Spectra, a nutrient-rich blend of fruits and vegetables.

I am talking about the factor that fills any gaps in my daily nutrition. The idea that I’m getting a broader spectrum of nutrients, including those I might miss in my diet, is reassuring.

I also appreciate the commitment to purity and safety—being vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and free from synthetics is a big plus, especially as someone who’s cautious about additives and sources.

I did notice, though, that with daily recommended usage, I’d be looking at a monthly restock, which is something to consider for maintenance.

What I liked
  • Combines vitamins with gut health support
  • A blend of whole food fruits and veggies
  • Vegan-friendly and free from common allergens
What I didn't like
  • Only 60 capsules per bottle
  • Flavor might not appeal to everyone

2. Digestive Enzymes by California Gold

Digestive Enzymes by California Gold

Customer Satisfaction: 79%

California Gold’s Digestive Enzymes was a part of my mealtime regimen for a long time, and I noticed a significant improvement in how my stomach handled a variety of foods.

Even though it is not my to-go option, it still seems well-tuned to break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates efficiently, which meant less discomfort and bloating post-meals. I enjoy maintaining my active lifestyle, and gut health plays a crucial role in that.

With these capsules, it’s looked like giving my digestive system an extra set of tools to work with. They’re particularly handy when I opt for a meal heavier than usual or one that contains harder-to-digest components.

While I’ve had a positive experience, I know that every body is different, and not everyone might have the same outcome. And since the bottle comes with 90 capsules, some might find themselves needing a resupply sooner than anticipated. But all in all, for those looking to support their digestive health, California Gold’s product is worth trying out.

What I liked
  • Enhances overall digestion
  • Vegetarian-friendly formula
  • Noticeable reduction in bloating
What I didn't like
  • May require adjustment period
  • Could be less effective for some individuals
  • Bottle size may be too small for some

“In healthy adults, probiotics have been found to help with the immune system, better bowel movements and the vaginal microbiome.” – Samantha Cassetty, RD

3. TERRA ORIGIN Healthy Gut


Customer Satisfaction: 90%

Using TERRA ORIGIN Healthy Gut has been mostly a positive experience for me. Integrating it into my daily diet proved easy, and I noticed an improvement in my digestive discomfort. The powdered form allowed for quick preparation, and the berry flavor was generally pleasing, making it something I actually looked forward to each morning.

However, while the taste was good, the stevia sweetness might not suit everyone’s palate. Initially, I did experience minor bloating, which settled after a short period, so patience may be necessary for new users.

A single carb per serving isn’t much, but it’s something to keep in mind for those strictly monitoring their carbohydrate intake. Sure, my gut felt healthier, and I had less discomfort after using this product consistently. Despite all the positive things, it failed to be my top pick.

What I liked
  • Helps alleviate stomach discomfort
  • Supports immune system
  • Berry flavor
What I didn't like
  • The stevia taste is noticeable
  • Contains a carb per serving

4. BioGaia Gastrus Tablets

BioGaia Gastrus Tablets

Customer Satisfaction: 85%

My brother’s days of dealing with digestive annoyances seem to be taking a turn for the better ever since he started chewing a BioGaia Gastrus tablet each day. Gut problems are something that runs in the family. Therefore, I value his experience and knowledge very much.

The dual L. reuteri strains in these probiotics have earned their place in my wellness routine. They’ve worked harmoniously to soothe my stomach and have backed up their promise for a happier gut with every use. I’ve had to remind myself to restock sooner than I’d like since each purchase only includes a month’s supply.

Sure, it creates a bit of a dependency on remember to reorder, the benefits have outweighed this minor inconvenience. I also recognize that such products might interact differently with unique bodies, so what works seamlessly for me might not mirror for others.

What I liked
  • Eases abdominal discomfort
  • Enhances gut motility for regularity
  • Pleasant mandarin orange flavor
What I didn't like
  • Only 30 tablets per pack
  • Might not suit every dietary need
  • Potential variability in individual results

5. Align Daily Immune Support

Align Daily Immune Support

Customer Satisfaction: 72%

Align Daily Immune Support is another great product to take a look at. The convenience of the individually packed capsules makes it easy to maintain routine, even when someone is on the move. Its claim of not needing refrigeration is a point of relief, for it fits seamlessly into my hectic lifestyle without the added worry of storage conditions.

Your system is bound to respond well to the BB-12 strain, which is tailored to give your gut a helping hand at maintaining balance. It seems to hold true to its reputation, effectively supporting a healthier immune system.

While the cost is on the steep side, the quality and convenience it offers do present a compelling argument for its value. I am aware that gut health is complex and individual responses vary.

What I liked
  • Promotes regularity and overall digestive health
  • Easy to include in daily routine
  • Does not require refrigeration
What I didn't like
  • Priced higher compared to some other options
  • Some users may not find the strain as effective

6. Country Life Gut Connection

Country Life Gut Connection

Customer Satisfaction: 92%

Country Life Gut Connection is easy to add to a routine. At the same time, it has an immediate calming effect on the gut. I was fortunate enough to test it once, when my father was deciding whether to use it or not.

Bloating, a common nuisance in my life, has noticeably diminished. This supplement fits seamlessly into my lifestyle, requiring no extraordinary changes to my diet. Its inclusion of Epicor, a known digestive aid, appears to be a game-changer for maintaining my digestive health.

Nevertheless, while the product is a staple in my cabinet, the necessity of monthly repurchases does add up, making it a bit of a commitment. For someone experimenting with digestive gut health supplements, it’s worth considering the investment.

What I liked
  • Promotes a balanced gut microbiome
  • Alleviates occasional digestive discomfort
  • Commitment to clean ingredients
What I didn't like
  • One bottle lasts just a month
  • Results can vary

7. Ora Organic Probiotics

Ora Organic Probiotics

Customer Satisfaction: 51%

Ora Organic Probiotics’s probiotic strains are acid-resistant, a feature I found valuable since it ensures the bacteria reach the intestine intact. This aspect provides the confidence the consumer receives full probiotic benefits, especially when paired with my hectic schedule that doesn’t allow for strict refrigeration.

The addition of organic prebiotics like Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin sets these capsules apart by feeding the healthy bacteria already in my gut. This synergistic approach has yielded an encouraging shift in digestive health, fostering a more balanced gut microbiome.

What I liked
  • Potent dose of 52 billion CFU
  • Includes 11 acid-resistant strains
  • Enriched with organic prebiotics
What I didn't like
  • Premium pricing may not be ideal
  • May take a few days to notice benefits
“Each probiotic is very specific and each person is very specific in terms of what they need, especially if they’re having some GI symptoms caused by microbiome imbalance or dysfunction.” – Dr. Aditya Sreenivasan

8. Revive MD Gut Health+

Revive MD Gut Health+

Customer Satisfaction: 62%

Finding a daily supplement that supports gut health without any hassle is a life-safer for people who strive to find perfect gut health supplements. We all know just how uncomfortable this issue can be. Revive MD Gut Health+ slips into the morning ritual effortlessly, and results are almost instant.

As someone who plans their budget carefully, the cost of Revive MD Gut Health+ requires me to adjust elsewhere – a small concession for the benefits received.

Additionally, keeping an eye on the bottle since it needs replenishing monthly is paramount to maintain those benefits continuously.

What I liked
  • Enhances overall digestive function
  • Easy to ingest due to capsule form
  • Suitable for vegetarians
What I didn't like
  • A bit pricey
  • 60 count may not last long with daily use

9. TERRA ORIGIN Healthy Gut Reset PM

TERRA ORIGIN Healthy Gut Reset PM

Customer Satisfaction: 82%

My brother uses Terra Origin’s capsules to this day, and he was telling me all about it, as you can presume. The combination of L-Glutamine, Licorice Root, and Slippery Elm Root seemed to address stomach discomfort directly.

Now using it consistently, his evenings are less about discomfort and more about relaxation. It’s worth noting the addition of melatonin, GABA, and L-Theanine. These ingredients generally enhance my sleep quality.

Falling asleep feels more effortless, and it seems to cycle through sleep stages more smoothly since including this in my brother’s nightly regimen.

What I liked
  • Reduces bloating effectively
  • Supports sleep routine
  • Upholds ethical manufacturing
What I didn't like
  • Initial results might take time to manifest
  • The marshmallow flavor isn’t to everyone’s taste
“Prebiotics are the fertilizer or the food for the gut microbiome.” – Dr. Lydia Alexander, Obesity Medicine Association

10. Flourish Probiotics + Prebiotics

Flourish Probiotics + Prebiotics

Customer Satisfaction: 76%

Flourish Probiotics + Prebiotics comes with many benefits. Since it is a product I used to consume for a while and i can say it easing bloating is probably the most important benefit you can expect.

When I first started taking them, I was a bit skeptical, but I soon noticed a reduction in bloating, which has been a persistent issue for me. The fact that this supplement is designed for the unique health concerns women face made me trust its efficiency more.

Like with any supplement, it may not be a one-size-fits-all. Individuals with specific health considerations should consult their healthcare provider before use, but overall, these probiotics seem reliable for daily gut maintenance. However, I found a better alternative and it stopped using it after some time.

What I liked
  • Eases bloating and enhances gut flora
  • Specially formulated for women’s health
  • Shelf-stable and suitable for vegans
What I didn't like
  • Daily dosage may be inconvenient for some
  • Limited to women, not a unisex option

Buying Guide

Gut Health Supplements buying guide

Now, let me provide you with several factors you should consider before purchasing gut health supplements.

Knowing the Ingredients

In the process of selecting gut health supplements, I place significant emphasis on scrutinizing the list of ingredients.  The key elements to look for in these supplements are probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes, each playing a unique and vital role in maintaining gut health.

Component Examples/Types Benefits
  1. Lactobacillus
  2. Bifidobacterium
  • Balance gut flora
  • Enhance overall health of the digestive system
  • Improve digestion
Prebiotics Inulin
  • Feed and nurture healthy bacteria in the gut
  • Foster a balanced and thriving gut microbiome
  • Support the effectiveness of probiotics
Digestive Enzymes
  1. Amylase
  2. Protease
  3. Lipase
  • Aid in the digestion of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats
  • Ensure efficient utilization of nutrients from food
  • Help in preventing digestive issues like bloating, gas, and discomfort

Potency and Purity

The next thing we want to talk about is divided in two elements, potency and purity.

Potency of Supplements

The potency of a supplement, especially in the case of probiotics, is a key indicator of its strength and effectiveness. To assess this, I pay close attention to the colony-forming units (CFUs) listed on the product.  The CFU count refers to the number of live cultures in each dose. 

A higher CFU count generally suggests a more potent probiotic, capable of exerting a stronger beneficial effect on the gut microbiome. It’s important to note that different health needs may require different CFU counts, so understanding one’s specific health goals is crucial in selecting the right potency.

This means looking for products that have undergone rigorous testing and are backed by solid research to ensure they deliver the promised benefits. Another prominent factor you should take into consideration are the strains.

Purity of Supplements

Equally important is the purity of the supplement. This refers to the cleanliness and safety of the product, ensuring that it is free from contaminants and unnecessary ingredients that could dilute its effectiveness or cause adverse effects.

I make it a point to  choose gut health supplements that are free from unnecessary additives, fillers, or artificial colors.  These substances can sometimes cause unwanted side effects or allergic reactions and may detract from the overall health benefits of the supplement.

Purity also encompasses the manufacturing process. It’s wise to opt for supplements produced in facilities that adhere to high standards, such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This ensures that the product you are consuming is made with the highest level of quality control and oversight.

Form and Shelf-Life

Gut Health Supplements forms

When selecting gut health supplements, particularly those aimed at improving gut health, it’s important to consider not just the ingredients and their potency but also the form of the supplement and its shelf-life. These factors play a significant role in the convenience, efficacy, and longevity of the product.

Variety in Supplement Forms

Supplements are available in several forms, including  capsules, powders, liquids, and even gummies.  Each of these forms has its own set of advantages and may cater to different preferences and lifestyles.

Form Description Ideal For
Capsules Easy to swallow and typically have a neutral taste.
  • Those with a busy lifestyle
  • Those who prefer a no-fuss approach to supplementation
Powders Offer flexibility, as they can be mixed into liquids like water or smoothies.
  • Individuals who have difficulty swallowing pills
  • Those who want to incorporate supplements into their meals
Liquids Absorbed quickly by the body, suitable for fast-acting supplements.
  • Those who require fast-acting supplements
  • People who have trouble with pills or powders
Gummies Provide a tasty alternative, appealing to those who prefer a flavorful experience.
  • Children and adults who prefer a flavorful supplement experience

Choosing the right form depends on personal preferences, lifestyle, and specific health needs. It’s important to consider which form will best fit into your daily routine and encourage consistent use.

Shelf-Life and Storage Requirements

The shelf-life of a supplement refers to the period during which the product is expected to remain effective and safe to use. It’s a measure of the product’s stability over time. A longer shelf-life is often more desirable for several reasons:

  • Long-Term Efficacy: Supplements with a longer shelf-life are more likely to retain their potency and provide the expected health benefits for the duration of their use.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Purchasing gut health supplements with a longer shelf-life can be more economical, as it reduces the frequency of replacement purchases.
  • Convenience: For individuals who do not consume supplements regularly, a longer shelf-life means the product will still be effective when they need it.

Before purchasing a supplement, it’s crucial to check its expiration date. This date is a good indicator of how long the product will maintain its quality and potency. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Freshness: The expiration date can tell you how fresh the supplement is. A product closer to its manufacturing date is likely to be more potent.
  • Safety: Using supplements past their expiration date is not recommended, as the efficacy and safety of the product may be compromised.
  • Waste Reduction: By choosing a product with an appropriate expiration date, you can avoid waste due to the product expiring before you can use it all.

Proper storage is critical to maintaining the integrity of a supplement. Different gut health supplements may have different storage needs, such as:

  • Temperature Control: Some supplements need to be stored at room temperature, while others may require refrigeration to maintain their effectiveness.
  • Protection from Elements: Many supplements need to be kept in a cool, dry place away from sunlight, as heat, moisture, and light can degrade their quality.
  • Original Packaging: It’s often recommended to keep gut health supplements in their original packaging, which is designed to protect the contents from environmental factors.

Some supplements need to be refrigerated, while others should be kept in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Proper storage is key to maintaining the supplement’s efficacy and safety.

Certification and Standards

I verify if the supplement has been third-party tested to ensure quality and label accuracy.

Aspect Details
Certification and Standards I make sure to check if the supplement has undergone third-party testing. This is a crucial step to ensure the quality and accuracy of the product’s label.
Recognized Certifications Certifications from reputable organizations like NSF International or the US Pharmacopeia are key indicators of a product’s adherence to strict standards.

Dietary Considerations

Dietary considerations are another major thing you should pay attention to. As you can presume, knowing all the details regarding these can help make all the differences.

Vegan Supplements

For individuals following a vegan lifestyle, it’s important to opt for supplements that are free from animal-derived ingredients. Many supplements, especially those that contain gelatin (commonly used in capsules) or certain vitamins derived from animal sources, may not be suitable for vegans.

Vegan supplements use plant-based alternatives and ensure that all ingredients, including the active and inactive ones, adhere to vegan standards. If you are looking for, let us say,  natural variants,  you can consume foods like  yogurtpickles, or sauerkraut These foods are rich in fibre that can help with feeding gut bacteria.

Gluten-Free Options

Those with celiac disease, gluten intolerance, or who choose to avoid gluten for other health reasons should look for gluten-free supplements. Gluten can be present in fillers or binding agents used in pills and capsules.

Therefore,  checking for a gluten-free label is crucial to avoid any adverse reactions or health issues related to gluten consumption.  D-mannose is another solid option to consider.

Non-GMO Products

For individuals concerned about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in their supplements, seeking out non-GMO certified products is important. Non-GMO supplements ensure that all ingredients are free from genetic modification, which can be a significant concern for those focused on natural and unaltered ingredients in their diet.

Allergen-Free Supplements

It’s also vital to consider other potential allergens, such as dairy, nuts, soy, or shellfish, which can be present in some supplements. People with allergies to these substances should carefully read labels to ensure the supplement is free from their specific allergens.

Halal and Kosher Certifications

For individuals adhering to religious dietary laws, such as Halal or Kosher, finding supplements that meet these dietary requirements is essential. Halal-certified supplements ensure that the products comply with Islamic dietary laws, while Kosher-certified supplements adhere to Jewish dietary regulations.

By assessing these features, I can make a confident decision about which gut health supplement best meets my requirements. Of course, a lot will depend on the condition itself. Therefore, if you have a leaking gut issue, then you should take a look at a more tailored option.

In case you are looking further than the options I’ve provided you with, you can take a look at some more here:


How do I repair my gut?

I recommend a balanced diet rich in fibres, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, to begin repairing the gut. Additionally, probiotics and prebiotics can support a healthy gut flora. It’s important to consult with a healthcare provider for personalized advice, as they can recommend supplements based on specific needs.

Does L-glutamine heal the gut?

L-glutamine has been studied for its potential to support the integrity of the intestinal lining. I suggest considering L-glutamine supplements to promote gut healing, particularly if I am dealing with a condition like leaky gut. However, evidence varies, and it’s essential to speak with a healthcare professional for advice tailored to my individual circumstances.

What are the 4 R’s of gut healing?

The 4 R’s of gut healing stand for Remove, Replace, Reintroduce, and Repair. I start by removing foods and factors that negatively affect the gut, replace them with healing foods, reintroduce diverse nutrients, and use specific supplements to repair the gut lining. This approach may be beneficial in restoring gut health.

Is coffee bad for gut health?

Coffee’s impact on gut health can depend on my individual tolerance and how much I consume. For some people, moderate coffee consumption can stimulate digestion, but for others, it may irritate the gut lining. Monitoring how my body reacts to coffee is crucial to determining if I should include it in my diet.

Closing Thoughts

My assessment of gut health supplements in 2024 highlights several leading options that cater to diverse dietary needs and health objectives. The efficacy of each supplement is influenced by its ingredients, quality, and the specific needs of the individual.

Here, I emphasize the importance of choosing supplements that are transparent about their ingredients and backed by scientific research.  My personal choice is Zahler Multi Digestion due to a variety of reasons.

For yourself, you would need a personalized advice. That means consulting with a healthcare professional is advisable, as they can guide decision-making based on individual health profiles.

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