Depression Treatment Center

What Is Depression?

Depression is more than just feeling sad or down. It is a common – but serious – medical condition characterized by negative feelings that interfere with everyday living. These feelings impact the ability to function in a normal environment. Specific forms of depression occur under specific circumstances, such as postpartum depression or seasonal affective disorder, but many people experience depression that isn’t connected to particular events or surroundings.

The good news is that depression treatment is extremely effective at helping people reclaim their life and happiness.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Each person experiences depression in a slightly different way. Like any other mental health disorder, the severity, frequency and duration of symptoms will change from person to person depending on the circumstances and underlying situation. Common symptoms of depression include:

Treatment for Depression

To effectively treat depression, we take a holistic approach to improving a client’s health and wellness, empowering them to take an active role in developing their treatment program. We make recommendations on medication and psychotherapies (talk therapy) based on our evaluation and experience.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is effective at changing the way a person processes their environment and interactions with others. CBT and psychotherapy can help with overcoming symptoms of depression that your loved one is experiencing, and can also identify triggers or aspects of their life that may contribute to their depression.

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