Thought Diagnosis Treatment

What Are Thought Disorders?

Thought disorders affect the way a person thinks, creating a disturbance in the way a person puts together a logical sequence of ideas. A thought disorder is commonly recognized by incoherent or disordered thinking. Someone suffering from a thought disorder may speak quickly and incessantly, skip from one idea to the next and suffer from paranoia, delusions or hallucinations. At the Mental Health Center, we treat thought disorders like:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Schizoaffective Disorder

Normal thinking involves three aspects:

Content, or what is being thought about
Form, the manner in which thoughts are being linked together
“Stream” or flow, the amount and speed of the thought pattern

Our Thought Disorder Program

Thought disorders can be treated and managed with great effectiveness to improve an affected person’s quality of life. Through our thought disorder treatment program, Mental Health Center offers clients the support and opportunities they need to manage their disorders and live healthy, productive lives.

Our clinicians recognize that clients suffering from mood disorders and thought disorders have specialized needs, so we offer separate treatment programs to address their unique concerns. Having a personalized treatment program is a necessary step to effective long-term recovery. Our programs address each client’s situation, needs, and symptoms to give them the best opportunity for independence and success.

We offer a multi-disciplinary approach to thought disorder treatment, which embraces a holistic approach to overall quality of life and disorder management. This includes medication therapy and psychosocial therapies, like psychotherapy (talk therapy), family therapy and social skills training. We base our individual treatment programs on providing clients with the best possible opportunity for optimal support and success after treatment.

The Impact of Thought Disorders on Family Members

The impact of thought disorders on a family system plays an important role in treating thought disorders. Addressing the needs of the entire family system, family therapy can help family members (and the family unit) develop methods for coping with positive and negative symptoms of thought disorders. Thought disorders are a major cause of social and vocational disability, and we work with a variety of community-based social service groups to help our clients learn the occupational skills and social skills needed to live independently.

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