Residential Program

What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Residential or inpatient mental healthcare is the most intensive level of care offered at Mental Health Center. Our residential mental health program offers full-time, 24 hour a day care in a controlled treatment environment.

In 2019, Destination Hope opened a brand-new mental healthcare facility in South Florida dedicated exclusively to gender-specific care of major mental health issues. Our gender-specific program allows our clients to focus on their recovery without the distraction that often arises in a mixed-gender setting.

Who Is a Partial Hospitalization Program Best For?

Our inpatient programs last for 30, 60 or 90 days, and clients remain in the facility 24/7, working with our counselors and therapists on a one-on-one basis or in the group setting. Many clients and their families choose this level of care because they want to remove themselves from a home or social environment that is not conducive to their healing or may be causal to their mental health issues in the first place.

Further, our treatment modalities are some of the most highly specialized in the United States. Beyond daily therapeutic and medical treatment, we place an emphasis on immersing our clients in daily, real-life interactions with others to develop practical coping skills. These skills become habits that are critical to preventing future mental health problems.

Some of the key benefits of our inpatient or residential treatment programs include:

  • Ongoing medical assistance
  • Individual & group therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for cooccurring substance abuse issues
  • Support group meetings
  • Medical treatment/assistance
  • Comfortable community living & furnishings
  • Proximity to South Florida beaches and access to regular activities

What Types of Mental Health Counseling Are Involved In a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Inpatient mental healthcare at Destination Hope also involves adjunctive therapies including music therapy, yoga and exercise therapy, chiropractic and the latest in technology such as brain mapping, transcranial magnetic stimulation for depression and other disorders and sensory stimulation.

We pride ourselves on the safest and most effective mental health and substance abuse treatment programs and we work with our clients both during treatment and long afterwards to make sure they are healing and growing as human beings. We carefully listen and provide feedback to our clients and their families, allowing them to consciously make goals on their road to better mental health.

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