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The NeuroHealth Center at Mental Health Center

Welcome To Our NeuroHealth Center

The NeuroHealth Center at Destination Hope represents a leap forward in the treatment of addiction, substance abuse and mental health issues using proven, advanced neuroscience techniques. Led by Dr. Rick Steffen, clinical neuropsychologist, a leader in the field of neuroscience and addiction, the mission of the NeuroHealth Center is to:
  • Accurately assess neuropsychological functioning with individualized test data
  • Restore brain function that has been reduced by prior trauma and substance abuse
  • Provide symptom relief without side effects using noninvasive, advanced Neurotherapies and psychophysiological treatments
  • Improve our clients’ happiness and peace

What Is Neuropsychology?

Neuropsychology is the clinical science of how the brain structures and systems relate to behavior and thinking. In order to evaluate a client fully the clinical neuropsychologist will:
  • Diagnose, evaluate and treat nervous system disorders
  • Evaluate brain functioning
  • Use test data from CT scans MRIs and brain maps
  • Neuroplasticity – The brain can change
Modern science has determined that the brain is neuroplastic, meaning that it can be shaped throughout one’s life. On one side, the brain can be shaped by trauma and drug use. The good news is that the brain can repair itself and with new treatments, clients can overcome mental health issues and co-occurring substance abuse. At the NeuroHealth Center, we use a combination of brain training and cognitive remediation to reshape the brain for positive experiences. Neuromodulation is used to activate the positive brain regions to help our clients improve mental issues such as depression and anxiety as well as substance abuse and addiction. The goal is to replace negative emotions and feelings with positive. We use several techniques to achieve these ends including: The NeuroHealth Center’s comprehensive program adds a level of therapeutic care that is unique in the treatment industry. Combined with our primary Mental Health Program and our comprehensive wellness center, our clients benefit from a truly complete behavioral healthcare program.