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Why Is Mental Health Aftercare Important?

Our mental health support doesn’t end when your loved one leaves Mental Health Center. Once your loved one is ready to leave, our team helps coordinate an aftercare plan that will ensure long-term success.

Aftercare treatment is designed to reinforce and enhance the skills and disorder management methods learned in treatment. Regular support group sessions for alumni and their loved ones can help with the transition back to everyday life and assists clients in strengthening their skills. Case management support can help them get back on their feet and regain normalcy in their lives.

When clients leave the treatment program at Mental Health Center, they are equipped with a customized aftercare plan to give them the best opportunity for success post-treatment and to prevent a re-occurrence of symptoms. To ensure that clients are following their aftercare plans, our case managers meet with them weekly to follow up and discuss their progress.

A well-structured mental health program creates a foundation for healthy living, but not everyone is ready to transition directly from treatment to a normal everyday routine. Our specialized aftercare programs provide your loved one with a safe transitional space where they can readjust and become comfortable with making new choices.

A Lifetime of Alumni Support For Mental Health

We seek to nurture ongoing relationships with our alumni through regular communication, meetings and events. This helps foster a sense of support, and allows us to stay in touch with people we’ve helped over the years.

Contact our Alumni Office

Alumni Meetings and Events

Every Friday Night at 7pm. All alumni are encouraged to attend and participate in facilitating the meeting. Join us at 7 pm for either an Alumni Speaker, open discussion, or a topic focused meeting.  There will be catered food and fellowship after each meeting! (Note: This is not an open meeting. Only alumni are permitted to attend.)

Quarterly Alumni Events: Please contact us or check out our Facebook page if you would like to receive more information about our upcoming events.

Are you an alumnus of Mental Health Center? Do you have questions about mental health or substance abuse? “Dear Sylvia” can answer your questions. You can email your questions to us or drop a question in our mailbox in the Mental Health office. Answers to your questions can be found in the “Dear Sylvia” column in our monthly alumni newsletter.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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