Traumatic Military Experience | DH Case study

Client was a 23-year-old male from the Midwest.  He presented for treatment for increased Anxiety and Depression. The client’s motivation for treatment was “I need to be able to cope with my Depression and Anxiety.” The client had a history of traumatic events while in the Marine Corp boot camp where the client was sexually abused and raped. The client reported this happened on multiple occasions.  Client reported having nightmares, feeling threatened, feelings of guilt and shame and avoiding stimuli that reminded of traumatic events of his past. Client reported that he has a history of abusing alcohol for the past 5 years. Client presented with mental health symptoms related to depression and anxiety.

The client lacked coping skills and had very little insight into his substance abuse/mental health issues. The client realized his life was becoming unmanageable, he was having conflicts with peers at work and had burned his bridges with his family and friends. Client would tell lies to gain acceptance from others.

Treatment Outcomes

Initially, the client denied needing treatment but he realized he would like to work on “getting back to work and being with his family.” Client then realized the importance of making better choices, controlling his temper and anger, learning how to cope with his Anxiety and his Depression and with building a positive sober support network.