FARR Certification for Mental Health Transitional Housing

One of the keys to successful post treatment life is support. While we, and many third parties, offer support systems for mental health patients, not everyone can transition from treatment directly into “normal” life. For many, transitional housing is a great way to ease out of the highly regulated treatment environment and back into the less structured outside world.

Destination Hope offers a comprehensive transitional care program including housing and regular group therapy. Our transitional housing program is the lowest level of care and represents a way for mental health patients to solidify the progress they made during their treatment. Our program is supervised by clinicians and behavioral health technicians to ensure that it runs smoothly, and rules and regulations are followed. Learn more about transitional living and our transitional housing program.

The Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR) offers a voluntary certification program for transitional living facilities that wish to follow best practices in recovery support services as outlined by the National Association of Recovery Residences (NARR). Certification shows that the standards supported by the facility comply with these best practices.

Our transitional living program has now received FARR certification, which houses both mental health and substance abuse clients.

Keli Karbowski, director of quality assurance at Destination Hope has led the effort to become FARR certified as well as pushing forward with our other voluntary certifications and designations. “While we check and double check our internal controls to ensure the very best care for each of our clients, we want those who trust in us for their care to know that we are taking it one step further. When it comes to substance abuse and mental health treatment, we strive to always get it right. Having partners like FARR that help us continually improve, makes the oversight process even better.”

Why does this matter?

As part of our continuous drive toward the very best care for all of our clients, applying for our recovery residence certification was a logical step forward. While we have always believed in meeting or exceeding national standards in recovery support delivery, we want all our clients to know that we also hold ourselves accountable through voluntary oversight programs such as this.

The Certification Process

The process starts with our application and submission of supporting documentation which is reviewed for compliance to the National Association of Recovery Residence (NARR) standards. FARR then performs an on-site visit to assess our facilities and ensure compliance. As part of our dedication to transparency, we agree to give FARR unrestricted access to staff members and facilities to ensure continued compliance.

We further agree to post documentation of resident rights and responsibilities at each of our transitional living locations. A freely available grievance link can be accessed via our website and any grievances with associated inspections can be investigated by FARR without prior notice.

We encourage you to learn more about our transitional living program for mental health clients and understand how it can be exceptionally helpful to those that need support in their post treatment life.

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