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Depression & Mental Health Blog
July 14, 2021
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The Turning Point for Clients in Mental Health Treatment

Navigating mental health treatment can be a foreign experience for many. Finding the correct team and treatment modality to properly address mental health concerns is an extremely important aspect for a successful road to recovery.

The Turning Point

For someone who suffers with primary mental health issues to truly get better, there needs to be a combination of psychiatric and clinical interventions. More likely than not, someone with a significant mental health issue needs long term medication treatment. These individuals also have limited coping skills or tools to support their ability to manage their symptoms. The turning point is getting them in the door, quite simply, and giving them the opportunity to work with a psychiatrist and a therapist to manage their symptoms.

The Road Toward Recovery

Initially, the goal of any mental health or substance abuse treatment is stabilizing the significant symptoms – only then can you start working on the core issues – the core beliefs, historical trauma, or the potential driving force behind the mental health concerns – these aspects are worked on with a therapist once a patient is stabilized. It is important for the patient to be in a place where they have access to interventions by a medical team with a well-rounded understanding of mental health and a therapeutic team that can complement any changes made, address issues that arise, and really move forward with the client on those core issues and struggles once they're stable. However, a great team is not all that’s needed…A second inflection point in mental health treatment is when the patient moves from resistance to acceptance – that they need treatment and help. From there, the possibilities are endless.

The Bottom Line

Mental health treatment requires, by its very nature, individualized care and depends both on the quality of the clinical team as well as the willingness of the patient to fully immerse themselves in the process. Mental Health Center at Destination Hope provides people with the tools necessary to cope with and overcome their mental illness. Our team consists of experienced professionals that deal not only with mental health, but also substance abuse – the two often correlating. We carry a mutual respect with our patients that allows for constructive improvement and individualized treatment plans. If you or someone you love is looking to overcome their mental illness and take control of their lives, give us a call today.
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