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About Our Mental Health Facilities

When you or your loved one is struggling with a mental disorder, the path to a healthy life requires more than treatment. It also requires the skills to appropriately care for yourself and manage your mental health in the long term. Living arrangements at our mental health treatment facility are designed to provide clients with a safe, comfortable living environment that allows them to recover, but also maintains a sense of normalcy and regularity.Whether you seek treatment for depression or an eating disorder, it is important that you undergo treatment in a setting that prepares you for success when you return home. Our treatment and residential facilities are geared towards one thing: your wellbeing.

Inpatient Mental Health Facility Near Fort Lauderdale

Our beautiful facility is located a short distance from downtown Fort Lauderdale and the beach. It provides our clients with easy access to year-round activities and an active lifestyle, leaving no environmental barrier to treatment any day of the year. In addition, our local community is very active and there are plenty of things for families and loved ones to do in the area.

Our mental health treatment facility is designed to be bright, cheerful and friendly, offering a safe and comfortable environment conducive to focus on healing. Our therapy rooms, private clinical spaces and communal areas are geared towards creating an environment of health and wellness without distraction.

Importance of Social Health

We encourage social interaction, recreation and downtime for clients to relax. We understand that being in a mental health treatment facility can be emotionally difficult, especially as you cope with personal issues. We want our clients to feel comfortable no matter where they are in the facility, and we have designed our space with comfort, healing and openness in mind.

Destination Hope Treatment Center

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