Mental Health Admissions

Admissions Criteria and Process

Our team understands that if you or a loved one is experiencing a mental health problem, you may feel a variety of different feelings, like frustration, anger, confusion or fear. Speaking with one of our mental health counselors in admissions will help you feel at peace about seeking treatment. We’ll help determine what type of treatment program environment you need and what to expect when you arrive at Mental Health Center.

Our admissions staff can guide you through the process, answer your questions and show you just how easy it can be to start treatment.

Admission into a mental health program is an opportunity to reclaim your life and regain balance and control. Our admissions staff and mental health counselors can guide you through the treatment process and how our therapies work, and we’ll also help ease your mind about finding affordable mental health treatment.

Why Choose Our Mental Health Center?

For many years our executive team and mental health counselors have cultivated an undying commitment to our clients and their families first. We are recognized as being a client-focused, intimately sized treatment center with effective treatment and compassionate care. No one falls through the cracks at the Mental Health Center – we are transparent in our practices, our facility and our treatment programs.

We believe that our client-focused treatment and therapy programs address the holistic needs of an individual suffering from a mental health disorder. Our mental health counselors help clients not only improve their health and relationship with themselves, but also to repair and build relationships with loved ones.