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Stress Management for Client and Clinician

December 17, 2015

Regardless of the context, stress is a part of human life. Whether it is finals week, a deadline at work, a personal issue, or financial pressure, an inability to manage stress can have negative implications on an individual’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being. However, stress can also be a powerful […]

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Battling Postpartum Depression: What You Need to Know

December 4, 2015

While many women experience feelings of anxiety, sadness, or mood swings after delivering their babies, these “baby blues” often go away as women’s hormone levels revert back to their pre-pregnancy levels and they begin to settle into the changes that motherhood brings. Some women, however, suffer far more serious bouts […]

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What Is Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

November 27, 2015

While nearly all people suffer from some degree of anxiety at times, someone suffering from generalized anxiety disorder suffers a high degree of anxiety for long stretches of time and experiences associated symptoms like insomnia or fatigue. Someone with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) may worry about things we all worry […]

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The Link between Insomnia and Mental Health Disorders

November 25, 2015

For many years, the psychiatric community believed that insomnia was simply a symptom that could accompany various mental health disorders. Today, researchers believe that insomnia can actually play a much more instrumental role in the development of a mental health problem. In fact, medical studies have demonstrated that insomnia can […]

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Understanding the Different Types of Mental Health Professionals

November 23, 2015

When facing mental health problems, it can be difficult to know who to ask for help. There are so many mental health professions and titles associated with mental healthcare that it’s hard to distinguish between them. There are differences in the roles that the psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, and counselor play […]

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Psychotherapy 201: The Benefits

November 19, 2015

Psychotherapy is often a vital part of treatment and recovery. Also known as “talk therapy,” it involves talking with a mental health therapist about a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. After talking with their therapist, a person is ideally better equipped to deal with stress and anxiety that can occur […]

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The Ups and Downs of Manic Depressive Disorder

October 5, 2015

With manic depressive disorder – also known as bipolar disorder – a person never knows whom he/she will wake up as. Perhaps the morning brings feelings of sadness, depression and anxiety. By lunchtime, they may feel like a switch has been flipped, resulting in feelings of over-excitement, hyperactivity and nervousness. […]

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The Ups and Downs of Manic Depressive Disorder

September 24, 2015

Manic depressive disorder, also referred to as bipolar disorder, is a mental illness that is regarded by the psychiatric community as a major affective mood disorder, a serious condition that requires treatment. Though the illness used to be called manic depression, healthcare providers formally refer to the condition today a […]

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Caring for the Mental Health of Disaster Victims

August 26, 2015

For those disaster survivors who experience the more severe symptoms of stress and trauma, it’s vitally important that they seek professional help.

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