What are Anxiety Disorders?

People who seek treatment for anxiety disorders often have symptoms related to excessive and irrational fears and dread. Common anxiety disorders include panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and social anxiety disorder. When left alone without treatment, these disorders can become severe and may prevent your loved one from living a healthy, productive life.


An anxiety disorder manifests itself in a variety of ways, differing from person to person in severity, frequency and duration of symptoms. Treatment for these disorders can help alleviate these common symptoms of anxiety disorders:

  • Irrational fears, including social fears
  • Persistent upsetting thoughts that they cannot control
  • A phobia of being around others or in a social situations
  • A fear of embarrassment or paranoia of being watched
  • Panic attacks, trembling, nausea and difficulty talking to others


Treatment for anxiety disorders is planned on a case-by-case basis following a careful evaluation of each client. Anxiety treatment often includes medication and psychotherapy (counseling). Our counseling includes individual therapy, group therapy with other individuals in our mood disorders track, and family therapy.

The impact of anxiety and other mental illnesses rarely occurs for only the person suffering with the disorder – it typically affects the family system and relationships within the family as well. Our family therapy helps family members and loved ones understand the root of the anxiety disorder, the symptoms of an anxiety disorder and how they can improve family communication and strengthen their bonds during recovery.